Draco Aerial Solutions is committed to respecting the publics privacy and operate UASs in a transparent and accountable manner. Draco Aerial Solutions encourages all those involved in UAS operations to be aware of and follow the below policy points. If UAS operations are more likely than not to intentionally or unintentionally invade third-parties’ privacy, the remote pilot in command should consult with the appropriate supervisor, risk manager, or legal counsel.


  1. All remote pilots and other involved Draco Aerial Solutions employees and contractors must conduct UAS operations in a responsible, ethical, and respectful way.
  2. Where practicable, Draco Aerial Solutions strongly encourages those involved in the operation to notify third-parties of UAS operations where such UAS operations may result in the collection of covered data concerning those third-parties.
  3. Flight plans and operations should avoid collecting and storing covered data when possible.
  4. Flight plans and operations where practicable should avoid third-party private property without the express permission of the property owner or operator.
  5. Draco Aerial Solutions mandates that all employees use the utmost care to limit the use and sharing of covered data or other data that could infringe on a privacy interest of a third-party.
  6. Draco Aerial Solutions will make an effort, and encourages its employees and contractors likewise, to secure potentially covered data or other data that could infringe on a privacy interest of a third party in the same manner as it would data not collected by UAS operations.



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