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Drone-based Volume Measurement Delivers Big Time-Savings


It’s common to use traditional ground-based surveying methods to calculate stockpile volumes, but drones provide a huge benefit without sacrificing accuracy.


    “Drones are safer, faster, and about half the cost as compared to traditional ground-based volumetrics.” — Dallas VanZanten


A ground-based surveyor would measure elevation every 5–10 feet on each pile. Not only would this take a lot of time and put the surveyor at risk climbing up and down the piles, but this process would also result in relatively few data points, compared to the digital surface area captured by a drone.


For this 30 acre site Dallas says “it would take a full day to cover with traditional methods.” How long was Dallas on site with his drone? Just thirty minutes.


Stockpile Volume Measurments for Mining from Draco Aerial Solutions - Mining Drone Services in Kingman, Arizona

Benefits of Stockpile Measurement



Equal to or better than LiDAR survey methods




Considerably lower cost than traditional survey methods




Reports provided within 24 – 48 hours of inspection




Eliminates the need to climb on stockpiles – significantly improves employee safety, MSHA compliance and reduces site insurance costs


Improve Decision Making and Planning


Having confidence in the accuracy of your volumetric data allows you to plan smarter and make better decisions with fewer end of year accounting adjustments.


Quick Data Collection


Save significant time and labor – collect an entire site’s data in hours not days




Measure Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and/or Annually


Improve Operating Efficiency and Profitability


Lower internal labor costs and increase inventory knowledge in order to reduce costly stock outs. Utilize your company personnel for their highest and best use which often is not volumetric measurements.


Eliminate Inventory Adjustments and Write-offs


Frequent and Accurate Stockpile Measurements eliminates surprise adjustments


​Reduce Capital Expenditures


Eliminate the need to purchase expensive survey measuring equipment


​Improve Reporting to Banks and others


Accurate, documented material inventory readily available to support financing


Streamline Inventory Material Audits


Readily available, documented, independent third party inspection with audit history of all material inventories


Certified CFR PART 107

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